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Live Server Configuration and Management
Overview Server Configuration and Management for Hosting Web-Applications on Dedicated Server, including Smooth Cutover of Existing Sites along with Hosting of New Web Application and  24/7 Technical Support & Monitoring…

The client has been playing active role in hotel industry.  Over the years, they have been actively involved in managing their hotels and hence understand the difficulties and concerns of issues which bogged them in running Hotels. Among these the core activity “Bookings” required to be perfectively accurate and accessible all the time.

“Channel Manager” Web Application was developed at the Cygnet which addressed all the above issues. Client was also hosting 3 other sites on shared servers.

Industry Any Business.
Country Australia
Business Situation Provide & Manage - dedicated server for hosting & maintaining website applications develop by Cygnet for the Hatchers Manor
  • Purchased dedicated server from Alentus and hosted 6 applications/websites.
  • Installed necessary software to support & maintain the server for running these websites/applications consistently.
  • 24/7 technical Support / Trouble shooting
Situation After successfully delivering the “Channel Manager” application to client which focused on all the concerns of the managing bookings from traditional day book to automatically updating all the last minute sites accurately and instantly, Client now wanted to host this web application so it can reach to maximum no. of customers out there who were facing similar problems.

After detailed analysis, it was concluded that “Channel Manager” required Dedicated Server for hosting due to following reasons:

  • “Channel Manager” was heavily depended on the email parsing technique. And bunk of hotel booking comes from emails of the last minutes sites which required without fail parsing each & every time.
    Hence minimum to zero downtime of the network was needed.
  • Many processes running simultaneously for executing “Channel Manager” tasks
  • High Traffic expected at the site
  • Better web site performance

Client was also hosting three other sites on the shared server. When the dedicated server was proposed for the “Channel Manager”, client inclined to shift his other existing sites too from shared hosting to dedicated server which will provide:

  • Better performance
  • Facilitate high traffic without any problem
  • Better to shift existing sites and save money spent on other shared server as the dedicated server was already in requirement with the “Channel Manger”
  • Better control on the server in terms of system administration and application
  • Technicians on call 24 hours per day, every day to ensure that the servers run smoothly

Server Requirements for hosting sites

  • Control panel to manage websites
  • Software’s to support existing sites as well as “Channel Manager”.
  • Smooth cut-over of existing sites to new dedicated server.
  • Automated backup and restoration utility for server – databases & well as for sites.
  • Continuous Server monitoring & maintenance for non-stop service to customers
  • Cygnet recommended the dedicated server from the Alentus ( which has been dedicated to web hosting for over 10 years.  It offers highest level of reliability, performance, security and has maintained a 99.9% network uptime track record for the last three years.

    Dedicated Server Package:  Dell PE860
  • Ensim Pro Software was installed and configured on the server which provides user-friendly and intuitive control panel graphical user interface to manage websites.
  • Smooth cut-over of existing sites to new dedicated server –frm Kuntal
  • Installed Channel Mgr associated s/w and configured necessary setting on the server for the best performance. – tuning
  • Installed software necessary for the existing sites
  • “SecurStore” backup utility was installed which provides cutting edge backup technology for your data.  Lost, damaged or corrupted data can be quickly recovered in a highly streamlined fashion to any new server or machine, without having to manually reinstall operating systems or configure hardware prior to use.
  • Cygnet also provides technical support on call 24x7 to ensure that servers are runs smooth and act upon any technical issue encountered.
  • Automatic SMS alert service configured in the Server for “Channel Manager” services which notify immediately whenever server encounter any problems to ensure swift attention.
  • Dedicated web hosting provided “Channel Manager” and other existing sites speed, reliability and performance which was required for running “Channel Manager”
  • Server reliability further translates to customer satisfaction and an increase in the bottom line goals of a web site’s presence
  • User-friendly, intuitive control panel graphical user interface which requires minimum technical expertise to manage websites
  • SMS Alert Services provides round the clock the monitoring & notifications
  • Technicians on call 24x7, every day to ensure that the servers run smoothly
Server Configuration Dedicated Server Package:  Dell PE860

Hardware Configuration
Dell PowerEdge 860
Dual Core Intel Pentium D 2.8GHz, 4MB Cache
1GB Dual-Channel DDR RAM
2 x 250GB Mirrored SATA Hard Disks
Dual Intel Integrated Dell NIC

Dedicated Server Features:
Windows 2003 Standard Edition
75GB Per Month Bandwidth Allowance
250 POP Email accounts (Up to 20 domains*)
20 DNS Entries
Alentus ServManage
SMTP-Auth Service

Server Configuration:
C: 20GB (Windows)       D: Remaining (Files/SQL)
Windows 2003 Standard
Internet Information Server ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0
FrontPage Server Extensions
MDAC, Microsoft XML, SOAP ToolKit, Scripting Host

Included Software Components:
VisualASP.NET Suite
ASP Mail /ASP QMAIL COM Component
ASPUpload COM Component
ASPJpeg COM Component

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